Sheares Band

"If music be the food of love, play on". Sheares Band is a group of passionate and talented musicians. We play all types of music from jazz, blues to rock, we’ve even ventured into indie, and movie soundtracks. Basically we play everything. Other than internal events like GLC and SHout, we also perform for NUS events such as the annual open house, Rockfest concert and many more.


Established in 2013, Sheares Chorale is one of the six cultural CCAs in Sheares Hall. Since our formation, we have explored a variety of pieces, ranging from simple repertoire, consisting of Disney-themed songs, to renowned musicals, such as Les Miserables. We have also dabbled with different musical styles, such as the enchanting Kimi O Nosete to upbeat Hairspray. Our main events include Good Luck Concert, Amplitude and SHout. Other than that, we also carol annually to spread the Christmas spirit. Do contact the Chorale ICs for more details!

Dashers (Cheer)

Cheerleading is not just about fancy stunts and flashy outfits, it's about the people in it. It's about the countless hours poured into learning and perfecting the routine and the countless failures about finally getting the stunt up. What we are today wouldn't be possible without the seniors that paved the way and the current members who always try their hardest to learn. Stunting wouldn't be possible without a supportive and committed bunch of individuals, and for that I'm thankful for. To see what we're all about, catch us at our performances such as IHG opening and NUS open day!

Danshers (Dance)

Danshers is Sheares Hall’s very own dance group and we are a family of dancers who share the same passion for dance. We are a supportive, committed and motivated bunch of individuals who continually strive for excellence while also having fun. Regardless of background or experience, we do our best to give everyone a chance to learn and improve from where they are. We continually strive to achieve higher standards, greater bonding and motivation among our dancers and take great pride in all the hard work and effort put in by all of them, be it for normal trainings or performance preparations. Catch us at our annual performances during Good Luck Concert (GLC), SHout and Dance Uncensored (DU) and you’ll see why we're so special!

Ge Yao

歌谣 |gēyáo|
A bunch of talents from diverse backgrounds coming together to create modern chinese music. We draw inspiration from MayDay, Jay Chou, Stephanie Sun and the likes. 


Sheares Hall A Capella, SHacapella, is a family of vocalists who share a common passion for making music without the use of any instruments whatsoever - other than our vocal chords. Percussion. Harmony. You name it, we've got it.
Here in SHacapella, we take pride in arranging our very own covers of songs, and performing them to bring enjoyment to others. Besides hall-organized events and concerts, we also occasionally perform externally and are open for engagement!
Come and sing along with us!


SHBeats, the one and only Hall with a DJ-ing CCA. Not only do we DJ, but we also do Live Electronic Music Production. We are a team of dedicated and talented musicians.
What makes us so cool?
Beats me.